Kings Weston House

10th September 2015 Uncategorised 0 Comments

I recently had the pleasure of exploring Kings Weston House in all it’s glory.  Now it was not the first time I’d been to Kings Weston House.  I have been to venue before, a few times actually for various events but this particular day was even more special.  We were in this ‘palace’ alone.  The grandeaur of the place when you are there all alone in silent speaks for itself and we were utterly blown away.  There was no one around apart from myself the odd contractor and the lovely Siobhan from Siobhan Amy Photography.  Our mission, to style and capture this beautiful venue as the grand stately home venue that is it.

When we arrived it was early morning, the café downstairs was open and people were walking their dogs in the nearby woods.  It was so overwhelming we didn’t know where to start.  We scurried around all the rooms trying to work out what to shoot where as it was purely a ‘formal grand’ shoot we were trying to create.

We were fortunate enough to find all the rooms set up as if there was an event just about to happen, which really added to the success of our day.

The beautiful lollipop’s featured in the shoot make great wedding favours and are by my very talented friend Lorynne from The Little Lollipop Shop.

So it’s with this that I encourage you if you haven’t already been either to go walk your dog or grab a coffee in the café and have a look for yourself.  It’s a beautiful morning or afternoon out.  And those of you thinking of getting married in Bristol, this is definitely a venue to explore if it’s Grand rooms you’re after with a view of Bristol.


Flower by Magnolia Hill. Photos by Siobhan Amy Photography