Angela Gareh

I'm Angela and I have always loved flowers and plants, not to mention hosting and styling parties.  I recently decided it was time to get back to work following the births of our two lovely daughters, Elena and Mila.

Coming from an advertising background, I have always been surrounded by a pantone book and the creative folk that go with it, which I love. As much as I love marketing and advertising, I simply love designing flowers more.

I signed up to do a floristry course and soon realised....this was it!  Now as glamourous as it may sound washing out buckets has become my favourite pass time.  There are a lot of 5am trips to the flower market and a fair bit of manual labour with each stem scrutinised and prepared to ensure it lasts as long as possible...and I love it all.  I wouldn't change it for anything.  I love bringing a wedding to life and brightening up someone's day with a little bouquet of love and sunshine!  I feel privileged to be living my dream.


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