A beautiful relaxed garden wedding with herbs.

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This blog post is designed to inspire anyone planning a beautiful relaxed garden wedding with herbs.  Using in herbs as the main theme for your wedding day is not only STUNNING but they smell amazing too.

Back in June I had the privilege of doing the flowers and decor for Charlotte and Dan’s wedding at Colliters Brook Farm in Bristol.  The idea behind the day was a very relaxed summer garden wedding with lots of herbs.  I have always loved herbs and am slowly building up my collection at home.   It was hence a match made in heaven when I met with Charlotte and Dan to discuss their wedding plans.

The setting:  Colliters Brook Farm is a lovely relaxed rustic wedding venue in Bristol with a permanent marquee and sprawling lawns.  The couple had lined up a load of garden lawn games for the guests to play.  Luckily for Charlotte and Dan the weather played it’s part so all the activities they had planned were just as intended.

Decor: Each table was named after a different herb which were all potted in rustic terracotta pots.  Little mini terracotta pots accompanied the large herbs filled with beautiful fresh white flowers and cut herbs.  The main table had a lovely all fresh white and green arrangement with two lavender pots on either side.  Bunches of lavender and rosemary were used as tie backs and a small pot of herbs was placed on the seating plan display (made by the couple out of crates).

Flowers:  Charlotte held a beautiful herb bouquet filled with rosemary, flowering mint, chocolate mint, oregano, marjoram, lavender and the beautiful and by far one of my favourite roses, the gorgeous White Ohara Roses.  The buttonholes were a small herb bouquet of lavender, rosemary and white spray roses.  A frame decorated with flowers and herbs was also hung in the tree as a feature for guests to enjoy whilst exploring the garden.

Special touches:  I loved the bond this couple share.  On the morning of the wedding Dan had written Charlotte love letters which she kept getting all morning and I love that Charlotte had Patisserie Valerie delivery cakes to Dan on the morning of their wedding.

It was truly a gorgeous day and for anyone planning a beautiful garden wedding with herbs do get in touch I’d love to chat.



Venue: Colliers Brook Farm

Dress: Maggie Sottero from Allison Jayne Bristol

Suit: Without Prejudice mens suits from Slaters

Photographer: Matt Willis

Guitar and Piano: Jon Pickard Band – Apollo Soul 2

Crepes: La Bone Crepe

Caterer: Spitting Pig South West

Harpist: Charlotte Poulter

Car: De Gournay Motors

A Cotswolds Barn Wedding – Fleur and Clive

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“Thank you so much for doing our flowers, you couldn’t have got them more right!  They were exactly how I picutred them and more and they absolutely made the space.  You are amazing and I will be recommending you to EVERYONE!

It’s great having friends in high places, especially when they own an old working barn in the Cotswolds, waiting to be transformed into a a beautiful barn wedding venue!  Which is exactly what Fleur and Clive did back in June, in the Cotwolds.  Two weeks before their big day this barn was filled with tractors, dirt and who knows what what else…with a lot of hard work, and I mean a lot of hard work, the barn was reinvented into this stunning space.

Foilage garlands with hints of bright coloured flowers and brass candlesticks dressed the guest tables.   A 4 meter long full floral garland was designed for the top table.  Rustic vintage trestle tables were hired in from Bath Vintage Hire, which added that final touch in creating this beautiful barn wedding and setting.  Suspended ladders intertwined with foilage and hanging jam jars were hung from the barn beams.  Fleur’s bouquet was bright with trailing greens and the bridesmaid’s held a simple relaxed bunch of stocks.  All these styled details contributed to creating Fleur and Clive’s perfect and beautiful barn wedding.

Rain was unfortunately forecast for the morning of the wedding.  The ceremony was scheduled to take place outside and there was never going to be a Plan B so a basket of umbrellas was prepared for the guests.  Luckily for Fleur and Clive, the rain stopped just in time and the very talented photographer Lucie Hamilton managed an extraordinary photo at the end of the rainbow.  Who said rain on your wedding day was a bad thing?



Photographer: Lucie Hamilton http://www.luciehamiltonphotography.co.uk/

Vintage Trestle Tables: http://bathvintagehire.co.uk/


How to make your flowers last longer

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How to make your flowers last longer.

So you’ve been lucky enough to receive a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers.

Here are 5 simple top tips to make sure you get the most out of your flowers and enjoy them for as long as possible.

1) Remove all packaging.  As beautiful as your bouquet may look all wrapped up and aqua packed it’s best to remove all the packaging and place the flowers in a vase.  What you’ll find is you get to appreciate the flowers for what they are and there are usually some flowers hidden in the packaging that you wouldn’t get to see if you leave it on.  DO NOT however cut the string that ties the bouquet together as this is how it’s been designed and put together.

2) Vase is Everything.  Choose a suitable vase or container.  It’s incredible how different the same bouquet can look depending what vase it’s placed in.

3) Bleach is key.  Make sure to bleach out your vase to ensure no bacteria is left in the vessel before the flowers go in.  Fill with clean tepid water.

4) Cut all the stems.  Cut the stems initially with sharp pair of scissors or secateurs at an angle.  This allows the flowers to drink as much as possible and revitalises them.  You can if you really wanted to make your flowers last is cut the stems and change the water every 2 – 3 days.

5) Keep out of direct sunlight in a cool place.  This is probably the most crucial as direct sunlight or too much light will speed up the growth of the flowers.  I like to keep mine in a cool room or pull the blinds down at times when the sun is up.

And there you have it, 5 simple things that you may or may not already know to help make your flowers last longer.

Christmas Wreath Workshop

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Make your very own Christmas Wreath.  Join me for a fun filled evening of wreath making, mulled wine, nibbles and dessert (a wreath shaped pavlova)!

Christmas Wreath Workshop will be held on Tuesday 1st December at 7pm,  No. 3 Kempes Close, Long Ashton BS41 9ER.

I’ll supply the materials, ribbons, wire, moss, interesting foliage, berries, succulents, cinnamon sticks and orange peel as well as drinks and dessert and you do the rest.  At the end of the evening you get to take your creation home to hang on your door for the festive season.

An interesting way of decorating the wreath is by attaching colourful chocolates still in their wrappers.  If you would like to attach chocolates to your wreath please bring some with you.  I particularly like the Lindor chocolates as they are quite festive.  Your wreath would then also make a lovely gift too.

Cost for the Workshop is £30 per person.  For more information or to book your place please text 077 2632 5274 or contact me here.

Kings Weston House

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I recently had the pleasure of exploring Kings Weston House in all it’s glory.  Now it was not the first time I’d been to Kings Weston House.  I have been to venue before, a few times actually for various events but this particular day was even more special.  We were in this ‘palace’ alone.  The grandeaur of the place when you are there all alone in silent speaks for itself and we were utterly blown away.  There was no one around apart from myself the odd contractor and the lovely Siobhan from Siobhan Amy Photography.  Our mission, to style and capture this beautiful venue as the grand stately home venue that is it.

When we arrived it was early morning, the café downstairs was open and people were walking their dogs in the nearby woods.  It was so overwhelming we didn’t know where to start.  We scurried around all the rooms trying to work out what to shoot where as it was purely a ‘formal grand’ shoot we were trying to create.

We were fortunate enough to find all the rooms set up as if there was an event just about to happen, which really added to the success of our day.

The beautiful lollipop’s featured in the shoot make great wedding favours and are by my very talented friend Lorynne from The Little Lollipop Shop.

So it’s with this that I encourage you if you haven’t already been either to go walk your dog or grab a coffee in the café and have a look for yourself.  It’s a beautiful morning or afternoon out.  And those of you thinking of getting married in Bristol, this is definitely a venue to explore if it’s Grand rooms you’re after with a view of Bristol.


Flower by Magnolia Hill. Photos by Siobhan Amy Photography



Featured in Gardens Illustrated

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Garden’s Illustrated on a feature about how to best utilise your garden when having a garden party.  We opted for an Outdoor Cinema Night and  Magnolia Hill is proud to be featured in the July Issue.

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